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Posted on April 26, 2024
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Title:                          TRANSPORTATION SUPERVISOR  

Reports to:                Director of Business Services

Job Objectives:         Administers pupil transportation services. Oversees ongoing driver training and vehicle maintenance programs to ensure safe and dependable services.

Note: Substitute driving duties may be assigned (see bus driver job description for additional information).

Minimum Qualifications:                

  • High school diploma. Post-secondary training and/or equivalent work experience in transportation or closely related service industry is required.
  • Holds or is qualified to obtain an Ohio Pupil Transportation Certification.
  • Meets all mandated health requirements (e.g., a negative tuberculosis test, etc.).
  • Criminal background check or investigation that is free of violations that prohibit public school employment.
  • Meets all bus driver minimum qualifications when physically qualified.
  • Computer skills and knowledge of transportation software.
  • Ability to interpret and comply with safety regulations and environmental laws.
  • Bookkeeping skill and the ability to compute mathematical data accurately.
  • Effective presentation skills and ability to train adult learners.
  • Valid driver's license. Meets all prerequisite and ongoing qualifications to be covered by the district's insurance carrier.
  • Available to respond to service emergencies.

Responsibilities and Essential Functions:       

  • The following duties are representative of performance expectations. A reasonable accommodation may be made to enable a qualified individual with a disability to perform essential functions.
  • Directs the delivery and continuous improvement of district-wide pupil transportation Keeps the superintendent informed about emerging issues.
  • Upholds board policies and follows administrative procedures.
  • Promotes a favorable image of the school district.
  • Builds community partnerships that enhance district programs and services.
  • Prepares schedules and bus routes. Assigns drivers. Makes routing information available to students/parents and building administrators. Works with the director of special education to address the needs of students with disabilities. Consults with principals to ensure that transportation services are effective.
  • Maintains transportation rosters (e.g., student names, grade levels, school attended, bus identification, pick-up and drop off points, time schedules, etc.).
  • Maintains an accurate up-to-date list of student information on each bus.
  • Coordinates the non-routine use of school buses (e.g., field trips, athletic contests, community requests, etc.).
  • Oversees the timely submission of reports, records, and inventories. Maintains district records for the maximum period mandated by law and/or board policy.
  • Respects personal privacy. Maintains the confidentiality of privileged information.
  • Monitors road and weather conditions. Advises the superintendent about the need to delay or cancel services.
  • Monitors bus communications. Conveys information as needed.
  • Participates in transportation staff selection and orientation processes.
  • Ensures the equitable distribution of workloads and extra assignments. Provides for coverage during staff absences. Approves time sheets.
  • Monitors bus driver training requirements. Verifies that all drivers are properly qualified and correctly licensed. Ensures that drivers are familiar with all aspects of their assigned duties (e.g., district policies, schedules, routes, etc.).
  • Administers an ongoing vehicle maintenance program. Maintains an inventory of essential supplies. Monitors compliance with safety regulations and environmental laws. Maintains repair logs. Inspects completed repairs. Approves invoices for payment.
  • Recommends procedures to effectively deal with emergency repairs.
  • Coordinates and participates in Ohio State Highway Patrol annual bus inspections. Prepares an annual equipment inventory. Recommends the replacement of equipment necessary to ensure fleet effectiveness.
  • Prepares competitive bid specifications (e.g., insurance, bus purchases, supplies, etc.). Secures and evaluates work performed by outside contractors.
  • Coordinates the pick-up of transportation equipment, materials, and other supplies. Promotes bus safety. Supervises emergency evacuation drills. Prepares materials for building staff to carry out student bus safety programs.
  • Investigates all school bus accidents and prepares reports. Teaches defensive driving measures to help drivers avoid injuries.
  • Promptly documents all injuries that require medical attention.
  • Reports student discipline problems, vandalism, and other related concerns. Works with principals and drivers to address discipline issues.
  • Acts responsibly to protect school property. Takes appropriate action during adverse weather conditions. Secures the transportation facility at the end of the workday. Responds to transportation emergencies as needed.
  • Helps deal with unexpected circumstances or pressing district needs as directed. Takes precautions to ensure staff/student safety. Watches for student behavior that may indicate a problem (e.g., profanity, teasing, bullying, distress, etc.). Reports concerns to an administrator.
  • Reports evidence of suspected child abuse as required by law.
  • Keeps current and shares knowledge about advances in equipment technology. Participates in staff meetings and professional growth opportunities.
  • Accepts personal responsibility for decisions and conduct.
  • Wears appropriate work attire and maintains a neat appearance.
  • Strives to develop rapport and serve as a positive role model for others. Performs other duties as directed.

Abilities Required:                             

  • The following characteristics and physical skills are important for the successful performance of assigned duties.
  • Articulates a clear vision and provides leadership to advance the change process.
  • Promotes a positive work environment and engenders staff enthusiasm.
  • Skillfully manages individual, group, and organizational interactions.
  • Averts problem situations and intervenes to resolve conflicts.
  • Interprets information accurately and initiates effective responses.
  • Effectively uses verbal, nonverbal, writing, and listening skills.
  • Organizes tasks and manages time effectively.
  • Completes paperwork accurately. Verifies and correctly enters data. Maintains an acceptable attendance record and is punctual.

Supervisory Responsibility:                    

  • Under the direction of the superintendent: directs, supervises, and evaluates staff as authorized by board policy, administrative regulations, and contractual agreements.
  • Assumes responsibility for the results of duties delegated to staff.
  • Exposure to the following situations may range from remote to frequent based on circumstances and factors that may not be predictable.
  • Duties may require bending, crouching, kneeling, reaching, and standing.
  • Duties may require lifting, carrying, and moving work-related supplies/equipment. Duties may require operating and/or riding in a vehicle.
  • Duties may require traveling to meetings and work assignments.
  • Duties may require performing repetitive tasks quickly.
  • Duties may require prolonged use of a computer keyboard and monitor. Duties may require working extended hours.
  • Duties may require working under time constraints to meet deadlines.
  • Potential for exposure to adverse weather conditions and temperature extremes. Potential for exposure to air-borne particulates, chemical irritants, combustible materials, electrical hazards, equipment vibrations, noises, and odors.
  • Potential for exposure to blood-borne pathogens and communicable diseases. Potential for interaction with disruptive and/or unruly individuals.
  • Job performance is evaluated according to the policy provisions adopted by the Kent City School District Board of Education.


The Kent City School District Board of Education is an equal opportunity employer offering employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, or disability. Employees shall remain free of any alcohol or non-prescribed controlled substance abuse in the workplace throughout his/her employment in the district. This job description summary does not imply that these are the only duties to be performed. This job description is subject to change in response to funding variables, emerging technologies, improved operating procedures, productivity factors, and unforeseen events.